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Fewer clicks and more results is how EasySIGN USA describes its EasySIGN software. The solution allows users to design, plot, print, route, and engrave—all from the same software program. Hundreds of features are available under categories such as draw, effects, text, edit, color, bitmap, interface, import/export, production, and more. The software can be used to create truck lettering, bus graphics, lettering for windows, mugs, T-shirts, 3-D signs, and more. A free 12-hour training video is available, as well as tips, tricks, and a free trial, all of which are accessible at the company’s Website. Shortcut Software Int’l Inc. and EasySIGN USA, 14252 Culver Dr., #A319, Irvine, CA 92604, 949-333-3668, fax: 949-861-9318, Web:


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