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Gerber released the latest version of its OMEGA design and output software for the sign industry. Omega 2.6.1 is a maintenance release for the latest version of the software. According to Gerber, it will become the standard Omega software version. The software runs on Windows Vista and adds other enhancements to the Omega 2.5 software. Some of the features include Omega CP, which offers tools for creating and outputting cut vinyl and router jobs, color assignment and output capabilities for al Gerber EDGE series and Gerber MAXX 2 thermal transfer printers, and ARTPath software; Omega CS, which includes tools for creating and outputting vinyl and router jobs, but oes not output to thermal transfer printers; Omega Layout Station, which allows for complete design activities without any output; and Omega Plot Station, which features all of the output capabilities of Omega CP, but without design capabilities. Other main functions of the software include vector-shape creation and editing, text entry, color management, image import and positioning, and and Gerber fonts and font packs, which include more than 100 additional bonus GerberSoft Fonts. Gerber Scientific Products, 83 Gerber Rd., South Windsor, CT 06074, 800-222-7446, fax: 860-648-8595, Web:

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