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Numerical Control Design released EasySIGN Version 5 signmaking software for creating customized solutions for design, large-format printing, color-management, routing, and cutting. EasySIGN software consists of components that can be joined together in different combinations to create a basic or extended software configuration. They include Starter, Professional, Master, Print Server-Pro, Print Server-Master, and Routing/Engraving. The Print Server module features 64-bit image processing and a color-management system. The Starter component supports alpha channels and vector paths in PSD files and features an improved AI import filter and enhancements in the import of DXF files. EasySIGN Professional now offers new outline possibilities, effects on bitmaps and vector simultaneously, and placement of multiple objects on any path with control over placement and path flow. Other new features include striping, round off, distribution options with special settings for fonts, seamless bitmap fills, 20 new shadow shapes, welding that supports bitmap and vector data simultaneously, interactive step and repeat, e-mail visualizations for customer approval, new clip art and template files, gradient fills, bitmap filters, and masking. The EasySIGN Version 5 Master component now allows users to blend objects and import bitmaps with alpha channels or create alpha channels with bitmap and vector objects. Numerical Control Design b.v., Melkweg 5, NL-5527 CZ Hapert, The Netherlands, 31-497-361900, fax: 31-497-361999, e-mail:, Web:


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