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LumiNart’s System 2020 is a computer-numeric-controlled (CNC) machine that deposits proprietary gels onto backlit digital prints. When cured, the gel can lend a neon-like appearance to signage. LumiNite gel can be applied to almost any glass, acrylic, vinyl, or plastic surface. It’s available in 18 colors, and custom colors can be made. System 2020 includes a CNC machine, computer, controller, software, touchscreen monitor, and curing chamber. The unit captures vector-based art files and adds the gel to user-specified areas of the print. System 2020 can produce signage up to 24 x 30 in. (610 x 762 mm). LumiNart also sells backlit boxes. LumiNart Corp., 3052 W. Post Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89118, 702-645-5867, fax: 702-263-4664, Web:


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