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Repeat function, a built-in disk drive, and an LCD monitor are some of the features Inbro offers in its IB-TUN1201 II single-head embroidery machine. It also features an interactive operating system, the ability to move without stitching, manual/automatic off-set function, and user-defined embroidery limit. The 12-color unit has a maximum memory of 15,500,000 stitches, an 18 x 140-in. (460 x 360-mm) embroidery area, one AC servo motor, and two pulse motors. Users can view production statistics on the machine’s LCD monitor, including speed, head location, design information, remaining memory, and more. Two-, four-, and six-head versions of this machine are available. Inbro USA, Inc., 2601 Industrial Ln., Garland, TX 75041, 972-840-8877, 877-844-6276, fax: 972-840-8833, Web:


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