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SWF designed its LCD E Series SWF/1501C single-head embroidery machine to allow for commercial-quality production in small spaces, making it suitable for start-up home businesses, mobile operations, and hobby embroiderers who want expanded capabilities. The machine is equipped with 15 needles and can sew up to 1200 stitches/min. Features include an automatic oiling systems, memory capacity for two million stitches or 100 designs, a hoop selector, mirror image, conversion and design direction, enlargement and reduction of design, automatic needle bar selection, general repetition work, and automatic offset. Workspace visibility is improved with an eight-light LED lamp located on the presser foot. The LCD E Series SWF/1501C also is equipped with a laser pointer that shows precisely where the needle hits the plate and a high-resolution 6.5-in. (152-mm) LCD screen. The machine also is fitted with communication ports, including one serial port, a 15-pin standard monitor port that allows users to add a monitor, a floppy disk drive, and two USB ports that can be used for memory sticks or jump drives. The LCD E Series is available in 6-, 9-, and 15-needle configurations. SWF East, Inc., 5409 S. West Shore Blvd., Tampa, FL 33611, 877-793-3278, Web:


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