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SWF East says its LCD E Series SWF/1501C compact, single-head embroidery machines are designed to allow for commercial-quality production in small spaces and are ideal for start-up home businesses, mobile operations, and hobby embroiderers who want to expand capbilities. The LCD E Series machine is equipped with 15 needles and can sew up to 1200 stitches/min. The memory holds approximately 100 designs or two million stitches. A hoop selector allows users to choose the appropriate hoop size and ensures designs fit the available sewing area. Other features include mirror image, conversion and design direction, enlarging and reduction design, automatic needle bar selection, general repetition work, and automatic offset. An eight-light LED lamp is located in front of the presser foot. A laser pointer shows exactly where the needle hits the plate, allowing users to position the hoop to avoid the needle striking the hoop. The control panel has a high-resolution, full-color, 6.5-in. (165-mm) LCD screen. The machine also is equipped with several communication ports, including one serial port, a 15-pin standard monitor port that allows users to add a monitor, a floppy disk drive, and two USB ports that can be used for memory sticks or jump drives to expand the machine’s capabilities. The E series comes in six-, nine-, and 15-needle configurations. SWF East, Inc., 5409 S. West Shore Blvd., Tampa, FL 33611, 813-832-6830, e-mail:, Web:


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