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Neschen Americas’ recently announced an improvement to its SEAL brand of Print Shield Floor Guard laminating films in the form of an Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) classification as slip-resistant. The laminating film was submitted to the Laboratories for testing under UL 410 standards, Slip Resistance of Floor Surface Materials. Neschen Americas says Print Shield Floor Guard passed the test, which is conducted under dry conditions, and the film was found to meet the minimum required static coefficient of friction to be officially UL classified as slip-resistant. The film features a vinyl surface that’s engineered to prevent slipping, to resist scuffing, and to mask fingerprints and surface dirt. SEAL Print Shield Floor Guard is available in 200-ft (61-m) rolls in widths of 38, 51, 55, and 61 in. (965, 1295, 1397, and 1549 mm). Sample rolls are also available. Neschen Americas, 7091 Troy Hill Dr., Elkridge, MD 21075, 410-540-8900,


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