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Smart Textiles: Market Trends: IDTechEx Webinar




This webinar presents some of the latest data in IDTechEx’s assessment of the e-textiles and smart clothing space. This unique technology area combines the functional and practical elements of textiles and electronics into new and unique product types which are being launched in many different industry sectors and applications. This presentation focuses on looking at the technology and market factors which define the current landscape for commercialization of e-textile products.
On the technology side, the presentation covers:

  •  Latest trends of materials use with e-textiles
  •  Latest trends in manufacturing options from different players, including component trends
  •  Supply chain factor and maturity

The presentation then covers details of e-textiles & smart clothing markets, including the following: A detailed list of over 60 different application areas which e-textile products have been developed for

  •  Market data around current market size by product type and market sector
  •  Overview of project/product maturity by application area
  •  Discussion of the best strategies and market forecasts for the sector into the next decade.

This webinar describes the latest conclusions and narrative resulting from over 5 years of dedicated research in e-textiles from IDTechEx. It relates directly to the IDTechEx report “E-textiles and Smart Clothing 2020-2030: Technologies, Markets and Players.”

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