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Social Media’s Advantage Over Standard Advertising




RON AUGELLI OF We Talk Shirty follows up with the Screen Printing community for part four of his Crisis Management 101 video series.

Watch as Augelli explains the advantages social media has over standard advertising methods today, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. When developing a plan of attack for advertising, don’t fall into the trap of immediately trusting standard advertising methods.

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Watch the Inaugural Women in Screen Printing Awards

Congratulations to the six winners of the inaugural Women in Screen Printing Awards. Watch the recording of the live virtual awards ceremony from September 24, 2020. This recognition is received by six female leaders who have advanced the screen printing industry through their innovation, vision in spearheading successful businesses, and philanthropy. Serving in influential positions such as owner, founder, and CEO, these women are impacting our field as a whole as well as the communities they serve.

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