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Wasatch enhanced its SoftRIP SP inkjet printing RIP with new tools for producing separations. The new features suite includes capabilities for linearizing press curves and producing 1-bit-deep TIFF files. Wasatch bills SoftRIP SP as the only inkjet printing RIP with certified moiré-free rosettes for process-color separations. The new output-to-TIFF driver produces monochrome files that can be sent to imagesetters, and Press Curve controls allow users to modify separations to compensate for the print conditions of the final output device. With a single setting, the pre-defined curves can produce separations for punching contrast or highlights on the press. The calibration and linearization utility is compatible with commonly used densitometers. Wasatch says capabilities are included for linearizing film positives or converting to negative linearizations for use with flexo processes. Wasatch Computer Technology, LLC, 333 South 300 E., Salt Lake City, UT 84111, 801-575-8043, fax: 801-575-8075, Web:


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