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EFI’s new VUTEk BioVu is a solvent-based ink system derived from corn—a renewable resource—and recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency. EFI says the ink is formulated with food-grade ingredients  and delivers the benefits of traditional solvent inks. The company notes that the inks are designed to run in high-production shops, provide extreme durability, bond strongly to coated and uncoated surfaces, and resist damage from UV light and mechanical wear. EFI also says the lack of hazardous materials lowers the cost of disposal, reduces odor of printed materials, and creates a more comfortable working environment for employees. VUTEk BioVu inks from EFI are available in CMYKLcLmLyLk and manufactured for use on the VUTEk 3360. EFI plans to extend the inks to other units in its current product line during 2007. EFI-VUTEk, One VUTEk Pl., Meredith, NH 03253, 603-279-4635, fax: 603-279-6411, Web:


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