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General Technology Company recently formulated a solvent ink for use with HP thermal inkjet printers. The inks can be used for direct printing onto glossy papers, aqueous-acrylic-coated media, PVC, and other substrates. IQ2392A (inks in cartidges) and IQ7467/78 (inks in bulk) can be used for applications such as industrial packaging, mail, and variable-data jobs. General Technology says the inks meet the RoHS Standard and are capable of delivering clean, high-quality prints at 300 x 600 dpi and at 45 in./sec (1143 mm/sec). General Technology is a partner of Hewlett-Packard Specialty Printing Systems. These inks are sold in the US by Texas Imaging Supply, Inc., 1333 Corporate Dr. ,Ste 112, Irving ,TX 75038, 972-580-1490, fax: 972-580-1929.


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