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Spartanics, Rolling Meadows, IL, now offers a services to printers searching for a way to bring production of printed magnet products in house. The free service is offered by Spartanics specialists, who teach printers how to equip and streamline steel-rule diecutting system for magnetic product production.

“Printers need to be able to handle magnetic substrates between 0.38-9 mm thick, as well as quickly interchange magnetic jobs with non-magnetic products without losing production efficiency,” says Tom O’hara, president of Spartanics. “Spartanics has experience both in modifying steel-rule diecutting equipment for magnetic substrates and in configuring equipment for rapid job changeovers, which is of particular concern in the specialty-advertising printing niche. We are offering this free consultation service in expectation that the printed magnetic products that are so common in the US are likely to find similar markets abroad and that more North American printers will be seeking a way to move magnet-product production and profits in house instead of outsourcing to third parties.” For more information, contact Spartanics, 3605 Edison Pl., Rolling Meadows, IL 60008, 847-394-5700, fax: 847-394-0409, Web:

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