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M&R’s new squeegee-blade sharpeners use what the company describes as virtually indestructible diamond wheels for precise, smooth, and uniform grinding. The wheels apply a square edge to squeegee materials, including single- and multiple-durometer types, and material-removal rate is adjustable. The units can accommodate various squeegee holders and handles. BladeShaper SC is designed for blades up to 20 in. (508 mm) and comes with a 120-grit wheel. The BladeShaper MC is table-top model that sharpens blades up to 38 in. (965mm) and includes one 60-grit wheel and one 120-grit wheel. The BladeShaper LC model is a freestanding, midsize, automatic system that sharpens blades up to 37 in. (940 mm). It comes with one 120-grit and one 230-grit wheel. Other grit sizes and wheel profiles are available as an option. The LC model includes a vacuum system to reduce dust and facilitate particle removal. BladeShaper models that are designed to operate at 110 volts come with an integrated vacuum blower. The 220-volt BladeShapers do not include a vacuum blower, but come with a plug that can be attached to a user-supplied vacuum. BladeShaper LC allows for unattended operation. Users insert a squeegee, bring the sharpening wheel to the starting point, and set the number of passes for the wheel to make and the speed at which it will traverse the blade. The system shuts down automatically after sharpening the blade. M&R Sales and Service, Inc., 1 N. 372 Main St., Glen Ellyn, IL 60137-3576, 630-858-6101, 800-736-6431, fax: 630-858-6134, Web:


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