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Nazdar Consulting Services recently announced that Stout Industries, St. Louis, MO, is now a Chromatix Certified Printer. Stout Industries has provided signage solutions since 1886. Clients include Fortune 500 manufacturers of beverages, tobacco, petroleum, agriculture, and automotive products and their ad agencies.

“Chromatix Certification establishes and promotes the adoption of industry standards and the process methods necessary to consistently meet those standards,” says Bruce Ridge, Nazdar Consulting Service’s business director of Chromatix programs. “To become Chromatix Certified, printers need to demonstrate sustainable and superior performance in quality and productivity. Chromatix Certification, which is copyright protected, is completely free from subjectivity because of measurement tools developed by Nazdar Consulting Services.”
For more information about Nazdar Consulting Service’s Chromatix program, contact Nazdar, 8501 Hedge Lane Terr., Shawnee, KS 66227-3290, 913-422-1888, fax: 913-422-2295, Web:

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