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Sun Chemical, Parsippany, NJ, announced that ENVIRON, Radius Solutions, and SBTI have joined Sun Chemical’s new consulting division to share expertise to benefit customers. The launch ceremony was held at drupa and included speeches from Sun Chemical’s Felipe Mellado (vice president, group managing director) and Michel Vanhems (business leader, consulting); Steve Green, business development manager, Europe, Radius Solutions; and Ian Bailey, head of Europe, ENVIRON.

“This is an important step forward,” Mellado says. “Sun Chemical Consulting is dedicated to help printers and converters moving towards operational excellence. We are delighted to have announced at drupa these important partnerships, which is all part of our continuous commitment to working for the customer and demonstrating market leadership.”

Vanhems says, “We will be providing productivity solutions, advice covering areas such as business improvements and laboratory work, as well as environment, health, and safety issues. Combined with our worldwide expertise on the graphic-arts industry, these consulting partnerships will help printers and converters move away from the vicious circle of over-investment and commoditization, as well as reducing the risk for relocations.”

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