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EFI and Mutoh recently joined forces for MUBIO, an ink for Mutoh inkjet printers manufactured by EFI-Inkware. MUBIO inks are a low-viscosity version of EFI-Inkware’s BioWare inks. The companies report that the inks are the only ones to be recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for Environment program and authorized to display the EPA Design for Environment logo. “MUBIO inks are composed of 80% plant-derived substances (corn), contain no harmful VOCs, and with the low-viscosity version we are bringing faster drying times to markets,” says Randy Rickert, Mutoh's general manager. “This will be a major benefit to our customers as they leverage the ValueJet 1608 Hybrid printers for business growth and a reduced environmental footprint. Since initially rolling out the program, we have installed several ValueJet 1608 Hybrid printers a month using MUBIO inks and have received rave customer reviews.” Mutoh America, 2602 S. 47th St. #102, Phoenix, AZ 85034, 480-968-7772, 800-996-8864, fax: 480-968-7990, Web:


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