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Swagforce Launches Service to Help Sell Promotional Products

The new platform is aimed at creative agencies, print service providers, and in-plant printing organizations.




(PRESS RELEASE) AUSTIN, TX — Swagforce, an Austin based promotional products e-commerce agency, is announcing the launch of its Swagforce platform to help creative agencies, print service providers (PSPs), and in-plant printing organizations to better integrate promotional product sales into their business. Swagforce supplies a robust white label e-commerce superstore website of branded merchandise and a U.S. based outsourced sales team to do all the work and help partners grow their bottom line.

“Swagforce provides a best-in-class outsourced sales solution bolted onto any full-service printer or marketing agency,” said Dan Steinborn, CEO of Swagforce. “Our partners will be able to capture significant additional revenues by leveraging the power of our entire value chain: our industry leading web platform, our customer service specialists, our graphic designers, our accounting experts, and, above all, our 25+ years of success in branding and promotional products.”

Partnering with Swagforce allows firms who don’t specialize in selling promotional products to feel confident in offering this complimentary service to their clients. A Swagforce website allows partners to showcase more than 10,000+ quality branded items through a continuously updated product catalog. The highly trained Swagforce sales team handles all the selling and customer service activities to make sure orders are sold profitably, produced to spec, and delivered on time to partner clients.

“Selling promotional products effectively requires these businesses to pull resources away from what they do best,” said Steinborn. “We want to help our partners drive more revenue to their top line in a way that is very efficient and profitable for them.”

Beyond the personalized swag superstore and outsourced sales team, Swagforce helps their partners accomplish this revenue growth through the following benefits:

  • Improved order conversion rate driven by sales reps with years of experience quoting and closing deals.
  • Improved customer lifetime value developed by leveraging remarketing technology and sales reps who excel at growing customer relationships and proactively cross-selling and upselling.
  • Reduced order error rates and refunds accomplished through an efficient and accurate order management process that ensures the success of promotional products orders.

According to a 2021 study conducted by NAPCO Research and PRINTING United Alliance, 57% of PSPs listed promotional products as having a strong or moderate perceived growth opportunity for their business. Promotional products had the third highest perceived growth opportunity of 12 segments listed. Swagforce aims to help these firms unlock that growth potential.

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