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The Odyssey 4100B, from Workhorse Products, is a four-color, single-station, manual garment press designed to allow users to print multicolor garments at a minimal cost. The 4100B features a compact tabletop design, and its portability makes it suitable for transport to events for onsite printing and name drops. The press features the same tubular-steel construction of the company’s larger presses and functions such as off-contact, adjustable screen angle, microregistration, and more. Users can print on pockets, sleeves, pant legs, caps, and signs with the substitution of other platens. The 4100B supports output of 36 shirts/hr. Workhorse Products, 3730 E. Southern Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85040, 602-437-2305, 800-557-7889, fax: 602-437-2270, e-mail:, Web:


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