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Need to convert cut or vector files in multiple formats to tack-down stitch? Have a look TwillStitch Pro. The software, developed by Renaissance Embroidery Systems, adds placement lines for design positioning and allows users to prepare art for tack-down stitching in as few as three steps. The operator loads artwork from graphics software or a plotter file, selects an outline converts to TwillStitch, and saves as a stitch file for embroidery machines. TwillStitch Pro is compatible with Adobe Illustrator files (AI), Windows Metafiles(WMF), Enhanced Windows Metafiles(EMF), AutoCAD (DXF), and HPGL Plotter files (PLT). Export options include Magellan/Renaissance (MGL), Toyota (10o), POEM and Huskygram (CSD), Barudan (DAT and UXY), Tajima (DSB, DSZ, and DST), KSM, Melco (EXP), ZSK DOS (ZSK), Happy (TAP), Pfaff (PCS and PCM), Singer (XXX), Janome (SEW), Viking (HUS), Viking D1 (SHV), Baby Lock (PES), Janome New Home 10000 (JEF), and VIP. Renaissance Embroidery Systems, 2517 Mañana Dr., Dallas, TX 75220, 214-654-9644, fax: 214-352-3102, Web:


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