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Take Your DTG Printing to the Next Level

Take Your DTG Printing to the Next Level

The custom-printed t-shirt industry is booming. Learn how to be a part of it with this free eBook!

Most screen printers know that the custom-printed t-shirt industry is growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, the custom t-shirt industry is forecast to reach a value of over $3 Billion by 2025. Direct-to-Garment (DTG) print shops are uniquely positioned to take advantage of that boom, and Epson can help.

Epson knows exactly what it takes to win at DTG. Get your free eBook, “5 Ideas for Effectively Growing and Scaling Your DTG Printing Business” and learn how to:

  • Create printing “pods”
  • Improve workflow through automation
  • Go beyond t-shirts
  • Add more printers
  • Upgrade your support equipment

As experts in DTG printing, Epson can help you achieve these goals. Epson’s SureColor F-Series direct-to-garment printers are ideal for scaling and growing your business, so don’t let this surging market pass you by!

Take Your DTG Printing to the Next Level