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Triangle Digital INX Co. (TDI), San Leandro, CA, announced its partnership with Lake Geneva, WI-based MGE, Inc., to offer buyers and owners of the Milano UV-curable hybrid printer a solution package including MGE’s i-cut GraphicsRouter. The i-cut GraphicsRouter is a vision-based finishing system for short-run graphics with integrated workflow from design through the RIP to digital finishing. The companies say when combined with the Milano 205 and 250 (80 and 98 in.) hybrid printers producing 4 x 8-ft or larger rigid, printed media, the i-cut GraphicsRouter becomes an efficient near-line finisher able to keep up with the printers one-on-one or faster.

“The Milano UV printer series lets aqueous and solvent-based wide-format digital printing operations step up to a more versatile, highly productive, industrial-quality printing solution for a moderate price,” says Brad Kisner, president of TDI. “They can more easily enter the superwide and UVmarkets, and deliver the high-resolution graphics that their customers are demanding.” For more information, visit

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