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Graphics One says its new d.gen Teleios 74/V6 six-color direct-to-textile printer produces high-quality, vivid, and bright prints on flags and banners or any type of coated textile without the need for transfer paper. The printer features a printing width of up to 74 in. (1880 mm), maximum imaging resolution of 1440 dpi, and print speeds up to 229 sq ft/hr (21.3 sq m/hr) in 540-dpi, three-pass, six-color production mode. The V6 printer is equipped with an integrated heat-fixation unit that is controlled and synchronized by an embedded computer system. Also included is the d.gen Fumebuster, specifically tuned for the V6, which is designed to absorb and filter fumes through the use of suction and an air-purifying system for removing particles and dust. Suitable applications for the V6 include soft signage, swimsuits, umbrellas, bags, flags, track shoes, banners, parasols, curtains, wallpaper, sportswear, costumes, automobile seat covers, tablecloths, trade-show exhibits, fashion textiles, outdoor advertising, home furnishings, and more. Graphics One, LLC, 3058 N. Lima St., Burbank, CA 91504, 818-260-9591, 877-472-7471, fax: 818-260-9589, Web:


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