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 T-shirts don’t often make front-page news, but Stockholm, Sweden-based T-post makes news into T-shirts. When you subscribe to T-post, you get T-shirts designed with images that symbolize news items of the company’s choosing. Each edition of T-post costs $32.00.

T-post started in 2004 as an idea shared by a group of friends. The company has since grown into global distribution and devloped a subscriber base of more than 800 worldwide. “We’re really excited now that the international launch has started,” says Peter Lundgren, T-post’s publishing director and editor-in-chief. “We’ve already increased our total number of subscribers by 200% in the first two months alone.”

All news topics are fair game—from major headlines to obscure blurbs. Past topics include the Tsunami of 2004, Charles Bukowski, Web-based gambling, Hunter S. Thompson, Kyle MacDonald (the guy who recently traded his way from a paper clip to a house), and more. Each subject is depicted graphically, and an explanation for each story is printed on the inside of the garment. T-post ships its shirts every six weeks. To subscribe to T-post, vist

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