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Switching on the shop’s laminator might not be the highlight of the work day, but Advanced Greig set out to make it the life of the party with the new Compadre thermal film laminator. Opting for an internal subwoofer will allow you to dock a Microsoft Zune media player to the lamintor’s control panel and play your favorite music through the machine while you shield your printed graphics from damage. Using the Zune also allows operators to use AGL’s Personal Video Training System (PVT) to download and watch how-to videos on the Zune. Instructional videos on machine operation, job setup, and new techniques and materials are available. Compadre supports a working width of 61 in. (1549 mm) and offers variable speed control from 0-15 ft/min (0-4.6 m/min). Its rollers are made of steel tubing, and AGL engineered them to have zero crown. Roller journals are turned from solid steel with 1.4-in. (36.5-mm) steel bearings, and AGL says pneumatically controlled rollers ensure optimum nip profile. Other features include two unwind supply shafts, a product-windup shaft, a release-liner windup, auto-grip core chucks for tool-fre material changeover, silicone rollers, film-tension-limiting brake, self-checking control panel, swing-up feed table, and more. Advanced Greig Laminators, PO Box 8563, Madison, WI 53708, 608-846-1025, fax: 608-846-1024, Web:


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