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Chicago, IL-based Transilwrap, a converter and manufacturer of plastics for thermal laminating, printing, industrial applications, specialty packaging, and graphic arts recently commemorated its 75th year in business. Transilwrap's celebration included a special recognition of its chairman, Herbert M. Drower, and his 45 years with the company.

Transilwrap was founded in 1931 by the Minkus and Badgley families. It started as a provider of cellophane films. The company now operates six facilities in the US and three in Canada and targets specific marketplaces with its three divisions: Lamination, Packaging Films, and Printable Plastics.

"I want to that our employees, past and present, for their hard work and dedication in bringing Transilwrap to the forefront of our industry," says Mark Stevens, president of Transilwrap. "I also want to thank our customers and suppliers who have helped up build the kind of relationships that have kept Transilwrap on the competitive edge."

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