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The Solarbeam Tri-Metal Halide DP/CTS Screenmaker from Richmond Graphic Products is a dual-purpose computer-to-screen system designed to expose screens prepared with film or a direct-to-screen unit. Operators use the traditional glass and vacuum method to expose screens prepared with film, and screens exposed with a CTS system are placed on an adjustable rack and exposed without the glass and vacuum setup. This method reportedly decreases exposure times as much as 50% and eliminates the need for touch-ups. The glass and vacuum tabletops are clamped together and raised on gas pistons to access the adjustable rack. The screenmaking system is available in three models: DP/CTS 7000 (32 x 43 in./813 x 1092 mm), DP/CTS 7000 (43 x 62 in./1092 x 1575 mm), and the DP/CTS 10000 (54 x 74 in./1372 x 1880 mm). All models are equipped with a programmable, 30-channel light integrator for repeatability and precise exposures. The system also is equipped with optically clear 0.375-in. (9.5-mm) glass and a textured, UV-inhibited, deep-draw blanket with pure gum elasticity designed to quickly mold to the screen shape with high vacuum pressure that provides intimate contact between the glass, film positive, and screen emulsion. The system’s Solarbeam tri-metal-halide lamp features a prismatic lens engineered to prevent scattered light from reading the exposure surface. Richmond Graphic Products, Inc., 20 Industrial Dr., Smithfield, RI 02917, 401-233-2700, 800-732-3788, fax: 401-233-0179, e-mail:, Web:


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