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Pad Printing




Two colors, one part-holding fixture. That’s the concept the drove ITW Trans Tech’s development of the new Gemini 60/90 pad-printing machine. The unit uses two reciprocating, gear-driven printheads in a V configuration, which allows for simultaneous ink pickup, printing, and pad cleaning. The PLC touchscreen control manages each head independently, and either head can be programmed for up to four hits. Each print station is equipped with X-Y-R adjustable cliche positioning. The pneumatic/mechanical gear-driven system is designed to enhance registration accuracy, and an automatic pad-cleaning system helps boost productivity and print quality. The machine uses sealed ink cups and supports cliche sizes up to 4 x 8.5 in. (100 x 215 mm), maximum print size of 2 in. (50 mm) with a 2.4-in. (60-mm) cup and 3.1 in. (80 mm) with a 3.5-in. (90-mm) cup, a 4-in. (100-mm) pad stroke, maximum pad pressure of 360 lb, and a maximum cycle speed for 1200 parts/hr. Optional accessories include 2.4- and 3.1-in. ink cups and print modules, cup holders, cliche, casters with leg levelers, pad blowers, and indexing devices. ITW Trans Tech, 475 N. Gary Ave., Carol Stream, IL 60188, 630-752-4000, fax: 630-752-4460, Web:


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