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Ultraflex Systems, Inc., Randolph, NJ, has expanded its portfolio of products with the addition of a new line of textiles. The new line will include 12 textiles. The first three products, available now, include UltraCanvas Artist C325, UltraPoplin PES C240, and UltraCotton C200.

UltraCanvas Artist is a woven, 100% polyester that is bath coated in polyurethane, then coated on one side with acrylic. The dual print surface creates a gloss finish on one side and a matte finish on the other side. The textile is suitable for indoor and short-term outdoor applications. UltraPoplin is a knitted, 100% polyester with an acrylic coating on one side, allowing for what Ultraflex says is vibrant print quality. The poplin texture has a slight stretch, making the product suitable for expanding over frame systems and structure applications. UltraPoplin's crease- and wrinkle-free properties make it suitable for trade-show graphics. UltraCotton is a 100% cotton with a water-based coating on one side. The light linen texture and crease-free properties make it suitable for art reprographics, theatrical, and trade-show applications. UltraCotton is recyclable and biodegradable, and it should be use indoors only.

Other new products to fill out the line will include UltraCanvas PES C380, UltraCanvas PES U250, UltraCanvas Economy C205, UltraTex Foam C225, UltraPoplin Pro U180, UltraPoplin Pro C180, UltraTex Organic C260, UltraTex Organic U230, UltraFlag PES C90. Ultraflex textiles are flame resistant and are available in widths from 54 to 198 in. (1372 tp 5029 mm). For more information, visit     

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