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Wasatch designed version 6.0 of its SoftRIP software to allow users to perform all of their daily tasks without ever leaving the software’s main screen and create different workflow paths to accommodate their preferred processes. The software’s Digital Tool Kit includes features that users need to run in daily production, including resize, crop, mirror, and rotate; tile oversized jobs; check image for colors that cannot be reached with the current printer setup; identify which parts of an image are raster or vector, CMYK or RGB; and view a quick snapshot of the RIP and Print Queue status. The Digital Took Kit also allows users to instruct the RIP to send Print Queue files directly to the printer, hold them for layout, or print corner crop marks, full-length crop marks, registration marks, and annotations such as date, filename, and printer details. Wasatch Computer Technology, LLC, 333 S. 300 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84111, 801-575-8043, 800-894-1544, fax: 801-575-8075, Web:


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