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ONYX Graphics released Version 7.2 for its ProductionHouse, PosterShop, and RIPCenter workflow software packages. The new features are designed to boost productivity, help realize additional cost savings, and ensure consistent output quality. Support for new printers, cutters, and color devices has been added. Drivers for systems from Epson, HP Designjet, Seiko, Canon, and Graphtec are new, as are drivers for Gerber M-Series and Roland GX Series cutters. The updated software also features FDRP Enhanced, a new error-diffusion dot pattern that reportedly produces finer, smoother output and allows users to print at lower resolutions and use less ink without compromising image quality. ONYX says that Version 7.2 also features improvements in the ONYX ICC Profile Generator designed to increase accuracy and smoothness of gray and black generation, while improving color output and accuracy on CMYK+ printers. The software also includes support for HP Professional Pantone emulation technology on select HP printers, in addition to enhanced drivers for certain HP Designjet printers. HP’s proprietary spot-color-mapping algorithms are included, as are integrated RAL and HKS color libraries for automatic professional-color-standards matching. Other features include fixes for PDF transparencies and other RIP file issues, multi-select jobs added to Layout, removal of 5,000,000 halftone line limit on PDF/EPS files, localization and translation updates, and more. ONYX Graphics, Inc., 6915 South High Tech Dr., Salt Lake City, UT 84047, 801-568-9900, 800-828-0723, fax: 801-568-9990, Web:


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