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Zund now offers tools and solutions that users can employ to upgrade their PN or G3 series cutting systems. The Automatic Knife Inititalization tool (AKI) is designed to make too setup automatic, fast, and reliable and eliminate errors associated with manual setup. Zund says AKI extends the life of blades and especially the conveyor belt or cutting underlay. The upgrade includes Tool Manager, which saves all settings for individual tools. Want to increase your routing tool’s productivity by up to 400%? Zund says you can with the 1-kw Routing Toolhead, which is capable of routing substrates up to 2 in. (51 mm) thick. Two toolheads are available for the PN series—router only and combination knife/routing—and a routing module is available for the G3 that can be used in combination with other G3 modules. If you’re looking for a tool that can handle the latest post-consumer, recycled media, Zund says its pneumatic oscillating tool can make the straight cuts, while the V-cut takes on the angles. Finally, additional automation is available in the form of a conveyor system and sheet feeder/board loader. Zund America, Inc., 5068 W. Ashland Way, Franklin, WI 53132, 414-433-0700, fax: 414-433-0800, Web:



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