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Customization service allows consumers to choose from assorted designs.




V-MODA, A MANUFACTURER of audio devices, recently expanded its offering of product customization options to include UV color print. The new option is made possible by Roland DG’s VersaUV LEF flatbed UV printers and provides more creative license for customers to personalize their purchases. Buying machines like desktop flatbed printers can expand your application offerings to your clients who are searching for custom products.

V-Moda offers custom color UV printing for its over-ear headphones.

V-Moda offers custom color UV printing for its over-ear headphones.

Custom color UV printing is available for the shields on all models of V-Moda’s over-ear headphones. On the V-Moda customization page, customers can choose from various designs created in the V-Moda Design Studio in Milan, Italy, or use an online template to submit their own images or artwork. The UV color print option is available for consumers and for companies that are looking for new ways to share their brand.

“In the years since we began offering shield customization, we’ve had an increasing number of requests for printing designs in full color,” Erik Massie, tech and artistic manager at V-Moda. “With laser etching, you are limited to designs created in white or grey scale. We wanted to be able to give our customers the colors they were asking for.”

V-Moda purchased the VersaUV LEF-300 flatbed UV printer in late 2018, began offering color customization on its website in early 2019, and purchased its second VersaUV LEF-300 in 2021.

“It’s fun to play with the different kinds of ink and create all sorts of different textures,” says Massie. “For example, I printed a graphic of a head and used gloss ink to highlight portions of the face – something that just isn’t possible with the laser-etching process. I’ve also done test prints on other objects, like our REMIX speaker, just to see how my designs look on them. You can print on an amazing range of objects and surfaces.”

V-Moda can offer one-to-two-day turnaround times for website orders. “Larger production runs are easy to set up. We use a template that lets us print up to 58 shields at a time,” says Massie. “For the V-Moda x Jimi Hendrix collection, we printed more than 1200 shields. I print lots of mockups and samples, and we handle corporate requests for sponsorship shields or special production runs along with requests from artists and DJs. Individual customization orders come in through our website.”





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