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TMI’s Serpent UV dryers and stackers, originally designed for screen-printing applications, have also slithered their way into offset and UV printing applications. Serpent dryers are designed for high processing speeds. They feature an independent PLC control module with ammeter, voltmeter, lamp-hour accumulator, bulb-intensity selector, belt-speed control, and an emergency stop button. The Serpent is equipped with a 300-w lamp housed in a specially cast and polished reflector with integrated cooling fans and stock suction. A Teflon-covered fiberglass belt operates at speeds up to 150 ft/min (45.75 m/min) on a 10-ft (3.1-m), all-steel bed and frame. Custom lengths and formats are available. Serpent dryers are available in widths from 12-60 in. (305-1524 mm). TMI Screenprinting Equipment, 1475 15th St., Courtenay, BC, V9N 2C3, Canada, 250-334-2598, fax: 250-334-1534, Web:


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