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SunJet, the inkjet-ink div. of Sun Chemical, introduces an ink chemistry specifically designed for curing under exposure to UV light from LED sources. The company says that in laboratory tests, line speeds in single-pass applications have exceeded 300 ft/min (92 m/min). SunJet also reportedly has discovered a route in formulation that allows the increased response to UV LED output to be applied to a range of SunJet ink families. “We have seen full cure of ink films, including surface cure, in 12-micron ink films when using 365-nm and 395-nm wavelength lamps,” says Hartley Selman, Sunjet UV ink-development specialist. “We can demonstrate full curing with energy doses of 30 mJ/cm² and below, which allows the system to effectively run faster…. We have achieved adhesion to PVC, hard plastics, and metals with these inks, so they are functional.” SunJet, Norton Hill, Midsomer Norton, Bath BA3 4RT, UK, 44-1761-414-471, fax: 44-1761-416-609, Web:


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