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“There are some jobs when durability is not an issue and the cost of the ink can mean the difference between profit and no profit for our customers. Our goal was to create an ink that could meet that need without compromising on overall quality. We believe Economy 3600 ink do just that,” says Richard Bowles, Nazdar’s vice president and general manager. The company formulated its new Economy 3600 UV Screen Process Color inks for printing indoor and short-term outdoor vinyl banners. The inks are available in standard and high-density halftone colors, when possible matching the standards for Nazdar’s PowerPrint 1600, PowerPrint Plus 1800, and PowerPrint Banner 1900 halftones for hue, density, level, and rheology/viscosity. According to Nazdar, tests show that Economy 1600 inks provide up to six months of outdoor durability when the graphics are mounted vertically. The inks are available in gallon containers. Nazdar, 8501 Hedge Lane Terr., Shawnee, KS 66227, 913-422-1888, fax: 913-422-2296, Web:


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