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Vastex Dryer for DTG Printed Textiles

Vastex Dryer for DTG Printed Textiles

Adds multipurpose machine to LittleRed line.

Vastex has added the LittleRed X3-D IR dryer, a multipurpose machine designed to cure DTG printed textiles as well as plastisol, water-based, and discharge printed garments. The 30-in. model features a preheating zone that raises temperatures to 300 degrees F at the beginning of the conveyor; the design is intended to maximize the distance and time over which the ink maintains the optimal curing temperature, according to the company.

Each of the dryer’s three 24-in.-wide heaters is digitally controlled and height-adjustable. Vastex reports it can cure more than 360 plastisol printed garments/hr, 100 water-based or discharge printed garments/hr, or 38 DTG prints with white ink/hr.

The conveyor belt stretches 88 in., including a 41-in. heating chamber. A targeted exhaust system is designed to remove moisture and contaminates from the heating chamber. The conveyor belt is centered by a roller belt tracking system.

Vastex reports the LittleRed X3-D will be available at 54-in. widths in the fall.


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