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Vastex EconoRed ER-III-30 dryer

Vastex EconoRed Dryers

Cures plastisol, water-based, and discharge screen-printed garments.

Vastex has expanded its line of high-capacity dryers with the addition of the EconoRed ER-III-30 and EconoRed ER-III-54, designed to cure screen-printed plastisol and water-based inks plus discharge-printed garments. The EconoRed ER-III-30 dryer features a 30-in. belt and three 24-in. heaters with closely spaced coils for high-density, medium-wavelength infrared heat to cure up to 475 plastisol-printed garments/hr and 150 water-based or discharge-printed garments/hr, according to the company; an EconoRed III-30-2 configuration is equipped with an additional heating chamber for curing up to 950 plastisol-printed garments/hr and 300 water-based or discharge-printed garments/hr, while the EconoRed ER-III-54 features a 54-in. belt and three 48-in. heaters to reach the same curing speeds as the EconoRed III-30-2.

Additional features include Vastex Infrared Focusing System for adjusting the heater height between 2 and 7 in. to accommodate varying garment thicknesses. top-mounted exhaust ventilation system, and digital PID temperature controller.


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