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Vastex Reveals New CTS LED Exposure Unit

Vastex Reveals New CTS LED Exposure Unit

Vertical orientation requires less floor space.

Vastex has unveiled the touch-screen E2-CTS Computer-to-Screen exposure unit engineered to quickly expose CTS-imaged screens. The E2-CTS leverages vertical orientation to save on floor space and it doesn’t require the glass panels, vacuum hold-downs, or rubber blankets associated with traditional exposure units. Operators can use adjustable screen guides to accommodate screens up to 24 x 36 in.; a max. of 10 exposure settings can be stored as presets to speed up production.

The unit includes six high-output 30-in. LED light bars to expose screens with any type of emulsion and produce high-res halftones at up to 85 lpi. The machine provides uniform lighting intensity and remains cool during operation, according to the company.


PRODUCT CATEGORY: Prepress + Screen Making

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