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Ryonet has revealed the Vesta forced-air conveyor dryer

Vesta Forced-Air Conveyor Dryer

Features a digital heat controller with two zones.

Ryonet has revealed the Vesta forced-air conveyor dryer, combining BBC heating elements and a design that uses a heat exchanger to use fresh rather than recirculated air. Channeling fresh air cools the exterior of the oven and reduces the relative humidity of the air, enhancing moisture absorption and eliminating rusting and inconsistency issues associated with recirculation, according to the company. Features include long-wave infrared technology , a 40-in. heating bank, 36-in.-wide TruTrak belt with 4-ft infeed and 2-ft outfeed, digital heat control with two zones (flash and heat maintenance), digital speed control for chamber heat monitoring, and an automated shut-off function that runs the dryer belt until the unit is cool, saving belt wear.


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