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R Tape Corp.’s Coburn Plus decorative vinyl films are special made for sign cutting. They feature a 78-lb liner (which replaces the heavyweight Kodak liner), acrylic adhesive system (which replaces rubber-based hot-melt adhesive), and a pattern punched through the film and release liner. R Tape says Coburn Plus is easy to cut, weed, and handle. The film is available in roll sizes of 15 in. x 30 ft punched, 15 in. x 150 ft punched, 24 in. x 30 ft non-punched, and 24 in. x 150 ft non-punched (381 mm x 9.1 m, 381 mm x 45.7 m, 610 mm x 9.1 m, 610 mm x 45.7 m). R Tape Corp., 6 Ingersoll Rd., South Plainfield, NJ 07080, 908-753-5570, fax: 908-753-5014, Web:


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