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Visual Marking Systems, Inc., Twinsburg, OH, announced it is the first company to be granted certification from an American Public Transportation Association (APTA) approved independent testing facility. The certification verifies that all high-performance photoluminescent (HPPL) products manufactured by VMS meet or exceed the new HPPL standards set forth by the APTA. Furthermore, all VMS HPPL products will ship with proof of certification to be in compliance with APTA standards.

APTA recently has revised multiple standards regarding a new definition of high-performance photoluminescent (HPPL) material. The changes require that all HPPL products now meet a standard luminance of 7.5 mcd/sq m (milli-candelas per square meter) at 1 fc (foot-candle). The prior requirement for HPPL products was 7.5 mcd/sq m at 5 fc.

“VMS feels it would be more cost effective for carriers to comply with the new HPPS requirement using 7.5 mcd/sq m at 1 fc material,” says Vicki Porter, vice president of sales at VMS. “Transit Authorities and Builders would only see a minimal rise in material cost for products.” For more information about Visual Marking Systems, Inc., visit

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