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Vycom Releases Plastic Sheets for Signage

Two new products for indoor and outdoor graphic applications.

Vycom has unveiled two new products, Polycarve signage material and Celtec Woodgrain sheets. Polycarve multicolored, high-density polyethylene sheets come in five standard color combinations with a contrasting core color that is visible when the top layer is routed. With reported 30-year outdoor durability, the sheets are shapeable with basic tools to create rounded corners, smooth edges, and colors that won’t bleed. Engineered with scratch and graffiti resistance, Polycarve is available in 4 x 10-ft sheets in .5 and .75-in. thicknesses.

Celtec Woodgrain digitally printable signboard material mimics a wood look for textured display applications. The company reports it will not warp, cut, or slip, and has a lighter weight and greater weather and impact resistance than real wood. Available in a white finish in 4 x 8-ft sheets.


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