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Michelman formulated its DigiPrime 5000 for those who operate HP Indigo sheet-fed s2000 and s3050 presses. The company says the new water-based primer replaces solvent-based Topaz 17 and is optimized for screen printing onto synthetic substrates to prepare them for imaging on the Indigo. According to Michelman, DigiPrime 5000 produces outstanding Indigo ink transfer and adhesion, better screen finishes on dense-mesh applications, and improved rub resistance. DigiPrime 5000 can be applied to a variety of plastic media, as well as uncoated, matte, semi-gloss, and gloss papers. Michelman, Inc., 9080 Shell Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45236, 513-793-7766,
fax: 513-793-2504, Web:


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