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WB Week 2024: Water-Based Ink Workshop Coming to MADE Laboratory in July

Event promises to provide an immersive experience for print shops of all experience levels.




WB Week 2024: Water-Based Ink Workshop Coming to MADE Laboratory in July

(PRESS RELEASE) Fort Worth, TX MADE Laboratory is excited to announce WB Week 2024, a four-day event celebrating innovation and creativity in the heart of Fort Worth, TX. Taking place from July 17 to July 20, WB Week promises to be an immersive experience for print shops of all experience levels.

Seasoned professionals will be teaching workshops including John Magee (Avient), Ray Smith (Avient), Eric and Val Solomon (Thrive), Sean Edginton (Supacolor), Brett Bowden (MADE Lab), Brian Lessard (MADE Lab), Tom Davenport (MADE Lab), Ryan Moor (MADE Lab), Justin Lawrence (Oklahoma Shirt Co.). The event lineup includes:

WB Basics 2024 (July 17-18)

Kickstarting the week, WB Basics 2024 offers a comprehensive exploration of foundational concepts in technology and design. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with industry experts and gain practical insights into the latest tools and techniques shaping the digital landscape.

Get more details on WB Basics.

WB Camp 2024 (July 19-20)

Following WB Basics, WB Camp 2024 invites participants to dive deeper into specialized areas of interest. Whether it’s graphic design, separations or product development, attendees will have the chance to hone their skills through hands-on workshops and collaborative projects.

Get more details on WB Camp.


“We’re thrilled to host WB Week 2024 at MADE Laboratory,” said [Organizer’s Name], [Organizer’s Title] at MADE Laboratory. “It’s an opportunity for our community to come together, learn from each other, and push the boundaries of innovation.”

WB Week 2024 is open to individuals of all skill levels and backgrounds. Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to expand your knowledge or a newcomer eager to explore the world of technology and design, there’s something for everyone at WB Week.

For more information and to register for WB Week 2024, visit

Spaces are limited, so early registration is encouraged.

About MADE Laboratory: MADE Laboratory is a leading innovation hub based in Fort Worth, Texas. Committed to fostering creativity and collaboration, MADE Laboratory provides a dynamic environment where individuals and organizations can explore new ideas, develop innovative solutions, and connect with like-minded innovators. For media inquiries or interview requests, please contact: Brett Bowden at




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