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The Virtu RS 35 is the latest development from Spühl, a Leggett & Platt company based in St. Gallen, Switzerland. The company bills the new Virtu as the world's largest UV inkjet printer for flatbed and roll-to-roll applications. Its vacuum table, which features more than 30 controllable vacuum zones, supports rigid media up to 48 x 138 in. (1219 x 3505 mm) and 110 lb/sq ft (50 kg/sq m). Continuous printing in roll-fed mode accommodates jobs on longer, flexible materials. The Virtu RS 35 comes standard with an ink-management system designed for quick changes between four- and six-color configurations (CMYK and CMYKLcLm or CMYK + two special colors). Ink management also includes an antisedimentation system that aids in controlling ink consistency and a rinsing device that cleans ink feeds and printheads. The printer's 6-l ink reservoirs offer level monitoring and on-the-fly refill. L&P Digital Technologies sells the Virtu RS 35 in the US. Leggett & Platt Digital Technologies, 13800 NW 4th St., Sunrise, FL 33325, 904-249-1131, fax: 904-249-8144, Web:


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