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The worldwide retail value of digitally printed wide-format graphics output is expected to reach $37 billion by 2009, according to I.T. Strategies, Hanover, MA. The firm says the retail value of wide-format graphics output was $26 billion in 2004.

I.T. Strategies reports that the majority of output is advertising-related, such as P-O-P signage, trade-show graphics, and billboards. The advertising-related segment of the market is increasing both incrementally and at the expense of offset and screen-printing technologies. However, decorative applications, such as wallcoverings, are on the rise as more competitors enter the market and print-for-pay shops look for more lucrative opportunities.

In 2004, aqueous inkjet printers dominated the market with 73% of the wide-format graphics output, but that number is expected to decrease to 46% by 2009. This decline reflects the introduction of eco/light solvent printers designed for both indoor and outdoor applications and the shift of a majority of P-O-P output from aqueous to flatbed printers.

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