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Smooth Pearl and Gloss are the newest members of Ilford’s Galerie line of roll media. They’re designed for photographic output from printers such as the HP Z3200 and Epson 7900/9900. Ilford says Smooth Pearl and Gloss feature optically controlled, nanoporous technology coatings for optimum results with aqueous inkjet printers, as well as a new, more transparent layer designed to reduce light scatter and give cleaner highlights, deeper shadows, more open mid-tones, and improved sharpness. Ilford Galerie Smooth Gloss and Pearl are available in 60-in. 1524-mm rolls and in widths of 17, 24, and 44 in. (432, 610, and 1118 mm). Oji Ilford USA, 1350 Main St., Springfield, MA 01103, 413-732-8269, fax: 413-732-8033, Web:



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