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EFI says its new VUTEk 3360 is a low-cost, field-upgradeable wide-format inkjet printer that is available in entry-level configurations for greater accessibility to a variety shops. Users can switch the 3360 from traditional solvent to dye-sublimation solvent for printing on fabrics, and the printer can be set up for four, six, or eight colors. The 3360 supports imaging resolutions up to 720 dpi and print speeds up to 1622 sq ft/hr (151 sq m/hr). EFI’s Fiery XF RIP drives the printer and facilitates future integration of additional processes. According to EFI, the printer also has been optimized for VUTEk’s BioVu ink, which is still in beta testing. Optional kits are available for those who want to use the 3360 to produce double-sided and backlit graphics. EFI-VUTEk, One VUTEk Pl., Meredith, NH 03253, 603-279-4635, Fax: 603-279-6411, Web:


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